What does bucket shop mean?

bucket shop meaning in General Dictionary

a company or someplace in which facilities receive for betting little sums on present prices of stocks petroleum etc

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  • an unethical or excessively hostile brokerage firm
  • (formerly) an inexpensive saloon selling alcohol because of the container
  • An office or a spot where services get for gambling small amounts on present costs of stocks, petroleum, etc.

bucket shop meaning in Urban Dictionary

Term accustomed explain small enterprises that feed on the lower rungs of community, frequently such businesses are involved with fraudulent or ethically suspect schemes.

bucket shop meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. an unofficial and in most cases illegal betting procedure in which the costs of shares and commodities tend to be published in addition to clients wager rising and autumn of prices without really purchasing stock, products, or product futures. Bucket shops tend to be seldom seen today since there are lots of opportunities to gamble lawfully regarding stock and commodities areas.

bucket shop meaning in Finance Dictionary

Slang term for a disreputable brokerage firm.

bucket shop meaning in Law Dictionary

n workplace or destination (other than a regularly included or certified change) where information is posted regarding fluctuating costs of stocks, whole grain, cotton, or any other commodities, and in which people lay bets rising and autumn of such rates under the pretence of getting and selling such commodities. Bryant v. W. U. Tel. Co. (C. C.) 17 Fed. 828; Fortenbury v. State, 47 Ark. 188, 1 S. W. 58; Counor v. Black, 119 Mo. 120, 24 S. W. 184; Smith v. W. U. Tel. Co., 84 Ky. 664, 2 S. W. 483; Bates* Ann. St. Ohio, 1904,

bucket shop meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Typically unlawful securities-brokerage ensemble that doesn't strictly follow the prescribed guidelines in carrying out clients' purchases, and it is unlikely to be an associate associated with trade organization. 2. Frequently legal vacation outfit that sells heavily discounted seats during off-season slumps.

bucket shop meaning in General Dictionary

An office or a place in which facilities receive for wagering little sums on present rates of stocks, petroleum, etc.