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Bucho was originally an over-all insult for some one acting like a jerk or idiot, but is actually a catch-all term regularly suggest cameraderie (see guy, dude, buddy, homey). Generally speaking directed toward a masculine individual or thing, and may be construed as "big man" (such as the villain from Desperado)."Bucho" is evidently utilized in both Portuguese and Spanish to indicate "pig fat," and it is a cooking term not unlike "lard," which may add up for huge guy definition of the phrase, as with Desperado and "Fat Bucho," the large, bald, black 3rd amount boss in original Nintendo game kung-fu. bucho is japanese for big supervisor. It can also be utilized in the context of departmental head of an office. In game tradition it's employed for the end-level employer whom must be outdone to advance to a higher phase 1. asshole, jerky, fuckface, son of a bitch, jerkass, biatch and/or prick2. Villain from movie "Desperado" featuring Antonio Banderas. This is actually the genuine definition of bucho. A real fucking asshole, jerky, fuckface, boy of a bitch, jerkass, biatch and/or prick. Usually used whenever talking to a buddy or amongst pals.