What does bs-ing bsing bsing BSing mean?

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an individual who is speaking shit, irritating you with the woman presence. Somebody who causes repugnance that boiling you up.It may be refer to a predicament, event, person something that can flame you. Just wing it. Bluff your way through.Do the most effective you can in the conditions and hope nobody notices. Having intense fun through misery of other people. Little did the gamers realize that the bser is laughing his _ss off whenever they swear or talk shit making a whole trick of by themselves. They are fury is kind of enjoyment toward backstabber. Also the backstabber is certainly not a negative individual, he could be simply helping gamers become ill of playing net games and start residing a proper life. Such as "Brain Schultzing" united states... some known character understood in prestigious research circles who's recognized for their off the cuff antics.