What does brutality mean?

brutality meaning in General Dictionary

the caliber of becoming intense inhumanity savageness pitilessness

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  • the characteristic of extreme cruelty
  • a brutal barbarous savage act
  • The quality of being brutal; inhumanity; savageness; pitilessness.
  • An inhuman work.

brutality meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, "savage cruelty, inhuman behavior," from intense + -ity. Literal good sense "condition or state of a brute" is from 1711.

brutality meaning in Sports Dictionary

unneeded roughness by a wrestler utilizing the intent to injure an opponent, causing disqualification. (recreation: Wrestling)

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  • Deemed becoming a significant foul. Occurs when a new player deliberately kicks or hits an opposing player or official. (recreation: liquid Polo)

brutality meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The quality of being intense; inhumanity; savageness; pitilessness.

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  • (letter.) An inhuman work.

Sentence Examples with the word brutality

Alvaro Gonzales, Pedro Coelho, and Diogo Lopes Pacheco persuaded the king, Alphonso, that his throne was in danger from an alliance between his son and the Castros, and with all the brutality of the age they urged the king to remove the danger by murdering the poor woman.

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