What does brucine mean?

brucine meaning in General Dictionary

a robust veggie alkaloid found of strychnine within the seeds various types of Strychnos particularly in the Nux vomica its less effective than strychnine labeled as also brucia and brucina

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  • a bitter alkaloid poison resembling strychnine and obtained from nux vomica
  • A powerful vegetable alkaloid, discovered, associated with strychnine, within the seeds various species of Strychnos, particularly inside Nux vomica. It is less effective than strychnine. Known as additionally brucia and brucina.

brucine meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A robust veggie alkaloid, discovered, of strychnine, into the seeds of various species of Strychnos, especially in the Nux vomica. Its less effective than strychnine. Called additionally brucia and brucina.

Sentence Examples with the word brucine

The acid has been synthesized, as has also the inactive form of methylethylacetic acid; this modification is split into its optical antipodes by crystallization of its brucine salt.

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