What does browsing mean?

browsing meaning in General Dictionary

Browse additionally a spot abounding with shrubs where creatures may search

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  • reading superficially or at random
  • the work of feeding by frequent nibbling
  • of Browse
  • Browse; also, a location abounding with bushes in which animals may browse.

browsing meaning in Law Dictionary

Survey objects casually, esp. products on the market, scan through a novel or magazine superficially to gain the feeling of items, read or review (documents), usually via a network or (of an animal) Feed on leaves, twigs, or any other high-growing plant life.

browsing meaning in Business Dictionary

Exploration of the World large online following one interesting connect to another, generally with a certain goal but without a fully planned search method. In contrast 'surfing' is research without an absolute objective or search method, and 'searching' is research definite both in objective and method.

browsing meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Browse

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  • (n.) Browse; in addition, a location abounding with bushes where creatures may browse.

Sentence Examples with the word browsing

Lastly we have the white - Burchell's, or square-mouthedrhinoceros (Rhinoceros (Diceros) simus), the largest of the five, and differing from the other species in having a square truncated upper lip. In conformity with the structure of the mouth, this species lives entirely by browsing on grass, and is therefore more partial to open countries or districts where there are broad grassy valleys between the tracts of bush.

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