What does brownie mean?

brownie meaning in General Dictionary

An imaginary good natured spirit who had been expected often to perform crucial solutions at home when the sun goes down eg thrashing churning sweeping

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  • a junior Girl Scout
  • (folklore) fairies which can be notably mischievous
  • square or club of extremely wealthy chocolate dessert frequently with nuts
  • An imaginary good-natured character, who had been supposed frequently to do crucial solutions throughout the house by night, particularly thrashing, churning, sweeping.

brownie meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"benevolent goblin supposed to haunt old farmhouses in Scotland," 1510s, diminutive of brown "a wee brown man" (see brown (adj.)). Title for the junior part for the woman Guides or woman Scouts is 1916, in mention of the consistent shade. Brownie point (1963) can be associated with Brownie inside Scouting sense but is possibly instead from brown-nose.

brownie meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A bar cookie, often created using chocolate.

brownie - German to English

brownie [Am.]

brownie meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) An imaginary good-natured nature, who had been expected often to do crucial solutions around the house when the sun goes down, such as for instance thrashing, churning, sweeping.

Sentence Examples with the word brownie

He became popularly known as the duende, the fairy or brownie of the palace, and was believed to be the lover of the queen.

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