What does brown liquor mean?

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also referred to as "brown likka" or "brown juice", brown liquor relates to any number of brown colored alcohol based drinks: bourbon, brandy and Cognac Brown liquid is enjoyed in eyeglasses, snifters, and cups--both plastic and pimp-- straight up, regarding rocks plus in mixed drinks. They may be drunk by drinking or, when it comes to even more adventurous, "taken towards head"--swallowed at one time.Brown liquors are often intoxicated at yard barbecues by uncles named Willie, Shorty or Shark, aunts named Peaches, Sisseretta or Precious, and play-cousins known as Pookie. At these events, brown alcohol is accompanied by brown alcohol music.However, admiration of brown alcohol crosses generations. It really is enjoyed by people in the hiphop and contemporary R&B establishes also. Brown liquor has been immortalized in many hiphop and R&B tracks including Busta Rhymes' "Pass the Courvoisier" and Jill Scott's "Crown Royal on Ice". Cognac, also called "'yak" or "the 'nyac" is an essential ingredient associated with the "Thug Passion" beverage popularized by a song of the identical name by Tupac Shakur.