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Etymological history of the definition of brotus stems far back to the time of the Roman Empire. Its today's day spin-off in line with the character information of Brutus, who was simply the famous assassin of Caesar. Becoming a brutus to someone is always to stab all of them within the back and show no respect for all of them. Brotus is the antonym into term brutus which, is a phrase which can be described as brotherhood. When someone is good friends with some body they're regarded as being their brotus. The word brotus could be the masculine type of term. The feminine version of the word is brotusette, as well as the plural masculine is brotusi. Alcohol. May be used in both the singular and plural. Once you make a status regarding the closest friend (that one most useful mommy fucking friend to the end and beyond that) on FB and tag them and so they perform some same obtainable. Typically comes after both you and stated bro have actually a deep conversation exactly how great bros you might be.