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This term ended up being made preferred by many Myspace rings. Brootal is yet another method of spelling Brutal, nevertheless the mis-spelling makes you cool off. You are able to hype your image when making use of it by:* TYPING IT IN MOST UPPERCASE* Spelling it with two zeros: br00tal* If for example the title begins with B, brootal should follow.2.It's another way to say cool, awesome, hardcore. *Kids influenced by hardcore, screamo,deathcore, deathmetal, and grindcore music-indie groups are included.*Description/clothing:-tsunami hair-gauged earlobes-tight jeans-graffic/iconic tops, belts, coats, etc.-any sort of skater footwear and converse(often graffiti jeans)*Other things included:-uses their particular brands in alliterations(Ex. Samantha Suicide, Hannah Homicide, Daniel Deathkill Anthony Anthropy) another word for INTENSE.