What does brooding mean?

brooding meaning in General Dictionary

the entire process of sitting on eggs in order to hatch them because of the heat associated with the human body mainly used of wild birds

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  • proficient at incubating eggs specifically of a fowl held for the purpose as a brooding hen
  • worried and thinking lengthy and intensely especially about a specific problem
  • profoundly or seriously thoughtful
  • sitting on eggs to be able to hatch all of them because of the heat of this body
  • persistent morbid meditation on an issue
  • of Brood

brooding meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, "hovering, overhanging" (as a mother bird does the girl nest), from present participle of brood (v.); indicating "that dwells moodily" very first attested 1818 (in "Frankenstein").

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  • "action of incubating," c.1400, spoken noun from brood (v.). Figuratively (of climate, etc.) from 1805; of emotional fixations by 1873. Relevant: Broodingly.

brooding meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The act of raising girls in a secure environment.

brooding meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Brood

Sentence Examples with the word brooding

Alex said nothing, his brooding gaze mostly on Rob, studying him, maybe sizing him up.

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