What does bronco mean?

bronco meaning in General Dictionary

just like Broncho

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  • an unbroken or imperfectly damaged mustang
  • Same as Broncho.

bronco meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally broncho, 1850, United states English, "untamed or half-tamed horse," from noun use of Spanish bronco (adj.) "rough, rude," initially a noun meaning "a knot in lumber," perhaps from Vulgar Latin *bruncus "a knot, projection," obviously from a cross of Latin broccus "projecting" (see broach (letter.)) + truncus "trunk of a tree" (see trunk area (n.)). Bronco-buster is attested from 1886.

bronco - Spanish to English

gravelly [voice]

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  • gruff [voice]
  • harsh [voice]

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bronco meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) identical to Broncho.