What does brokerage mean?

brokerage meaning in General Dictionary

The business or employment of a brokerage

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  • a stock-broker's business; charges a fee to act as intermediary between customer and seller
  • destination in which an agent conducts his company
  • the company of an agent; costs a cost to set up a contract between two functions
  • the business enterprise or employment of an agent.
  • The fee, reward, or commission, offered or changed for transacting business as an agent.

brokerage meaning in Law Dictionary

The wages or commissions of a broker; in addition, their company or profession.

brokerage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "a broker's trade," from broker (n.) + -age. Also, in 17c., "a pimp's trade."

brokerage meaning in Business Dictionary

the repayment to an agent for a deal done

brokerage meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Business or employment of a broker.

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  • (letter.) The cost, incentive, or percentage, given or changed for transacting company as a brokerage.

Sentence Examples with the word brokerage

The 21st of March 1884, and ratified during the meeting of the three emperors at Skierniewice in September of that year, by which Bismarck, in return for honest brokerage in the Balkans, is understood to have obtained from Austria and Russia a promise of benevolent neutrality in case Germany should be forced to make war upon a fourth powerFrance.

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