What does brogue mean?

brogue meaning in General Dictionary

A stout coarse shoe a brogan

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  • a thick and hefty shoe
  • A stout, coarse footwear; a brogan.
  • A dialectic pronunciation; esp. the Irish manner of pronouncing English.

brogue meaning in Etymology Dictionary

sort of Celtic accent, 1705, maybe from definition "rough, stout footwear" worn by outlying Irish and Scottish highlanders (1580s), via Gaelic or Irish, from Old Irish broce "shoe," therefore originally indicating something such as "message of those which call a shoe a brogue." Or maybe it really is from Old Irish barrog "a hold" (regarding tongue).

brogue meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A stout, coarse shoe; a brogan.

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  • (v. t.) A dialectic pronunciation; esp. the Irish types of pronouncing English.

Sentence Examples with the word brogue

The latter is no separate dialect at all, but a mere brogue or jargon, the medium of intercourse between illiterate natives and Europeans too indolent to apply themselves to the acquisition of the language of the people; its vocabulary is made up of Malay words, with a conventional admixture of words from other languages; and it varies, not only in different localities, but also in proportion to the individual speaker's acquaintance with Malay proper.

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