What does broccoli mean?

broccoli meaning in General Dictionary

A plant of this Cabbage types Brassica oleracea of many types resembling the cauliflower The ldquocurdrdquo or flowering head could be the component employed for meals

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  • plant with dense groups of tight green flower buds
  • branched green undeveloped flower minds
  • A plant of the Cabbage species (Brassica oleracea) of numerous varieties, resembling the cauliflower. The "curd," or flowering mind, is the part employed for meals.

broccoli meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1690s, from Italian broccoli, plural of broccolo "a-sprout, cabbage sprout," diminutive of brocco "take, protruding tooth, tiny nail" (see brocade (n.)).

broccoli meaning in Cooking Dictionary

This deep-green general of cabbage and cauliflower is made up of little bunches of securely closed green buds growing from a thick edible stalk. Peak season is from October through April, but broccoli can be found in supermarkets year-round. Select bunches with firmly shut buds, sharp leaves and deep-green, or green with purple tinges (considered top), in shade. Or even being prepared straight away, shop unwashed broccoli in an airtight bag in the fridge for approximately four days. Peel any tough stalks before preparing. Steam or boil quickly to preserve a number of the crispness.

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broccoli meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A plant of Cabbage types (Brassica oleracea) of several types, resembling the cauliflower. The "curd," or flowering mind, may be the part utilized for food.

Sentence Examples with the word broccoli

Plant out kales and broccoli for late crops; plant celery (earthing up the advancing crops as required), endive for succession, and a few coleworts.

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