What does brocade mean?

brocade meaning in General Dictionary

Silk material woven with gold and silver threads or ornamented with raised flowers foliage an such like additionally applied to other stuffs thus wrought and enriched

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  • weave a design into (textiles)
  • thick hefty pricey product with an increasing pattern
  • Silk stuff, woven with silver and gold threads, or ornamented with elevated plants, foliage, etc.; -- also put on other things thus wrought and enriched.

brocade meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1560s, from Spanish brocado, from Italian broccato "embossed fabric," initially past participle of broccare "to stud, set with nails," from brocco "little nail," from Latin broccus "projecting, pointed" (see broach (n.)).

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  • 1650s (suggested in brocaded), from brocade (n.). Relevant: Brocading.

brocade meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Silk things, woven with gold and silver threads, or ornamented with raised flowers, vegetation, etc.; -- additionally put on other things therefore wrought and enriched.

Sentence Examples with the word brocade

There were wide eighteenth- century ball gowns, women in little black dresses, one in a fifties poodle skirt, and several in dark dresses with ornate brocade on the bodice, like that of wealthy Middle Age royalty.

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