What does brobdingnagian mean?

brobdingnagian meaning in General Dictionary

Colossal of extraordinary level gigantic

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  • huge; relating to or feature associated with imaginary country of Brobdingnag
  • unusually great in size or amount or degree or specially extent or scope
  • Colossal; of extraordinary level; gigantic.
  • a huge.

brobdingnagian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"huge, immense, gigantic," 1728, from Brobdingnag + -ian.

brobdingnagian meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Colossal; of extraordinary height; gigantic.

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  • (n.) A huge.

Sentence Examples with the word brobdingnagian

But the necessary supplies were never forthcoming and the diet remained absolutely indifferent to the triumphs of Zolkiewski and the other great generals who performed Brobdingnagian feats with Lilliputian armies.

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