What does broadcast fuck mean?

broadcast fuck meaning in Urban Dictionary

1) When an unexpected clusterfuck occurs at a large radio place. Witnessing colleagues with large egos manage to get thier panties in a wad.2) To penetrate a random woman, not often therefore wise, at a large radio station later during the night, therefore the laughter is the fact that she thinks it's "cool" b/c you just work at a big radio place. This has to happen within station.3) To shag an intern, not often therefore brilliant, who works when you look at the advertising and offers department at a big radio place. This will probably happen anywhere.4) Whenever your large radio section definitely beats the shit out of the various other channels available in the market in score, much like fucking them into the face.5) Any lucky bastard just who works in radio, nonetheless gets compensated perfectly, and loves his/her work