What does broadbill mean?

broadbill meaning in General Dictionary

A wild duck Aythya marila or Fuligula marila which appears in good sized quantities on the east shore associated with usa in autumn called additionally bluebill blackhead raft duck and scaup duck See scaup-duck

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  • tropical American heron about night herons
  • scuba diving ducks of North America having a bluish-grey costs
  • freshwater duck of northern hemisphere having a diverse flat costs
  • little wild birds for the Old World tropics having brilliant plumage and brief broad bills
  • A wild duck (Aythya, / Fuligula, marila), which seems in good sized quantities regarding east coastline associated with the usa, in autumn; -- called in addition bluebill, blackhead, raft duck, and scaup duck. See Scaup duck.
  • The shoveler. See Shoveler.