What does broad form drive other car coverage mean?

broad form drive other car coverage meaning in Insurance Dictionary

Automobile protection available under a commercial car (e.g., business car, car dealers, motor service) plan for employees, professionals, or just about any other individual who is supplied a company-owned car but would you perhaps not acquire an individual automobile and therefore cannot have your own car policy (PAP). This protection is available via the drive various other automobile coverage—broadened coverage for known as individuals (CA 99 10) recommendation. It may possibly be put into the commercial automobile plan of this business that furnishes the car to pay for defense when it comes to named person or citizen spouse while driving an auto borrowed from a third party. Nonowned auto protection under these types of one endorsement may include auto obligation, car health payments, auto physical damage, and uninsured motorists (UM)/underinsured motorists (UIM) protection. The sorts of protection afforded, applicable limits, and allowable quantities are displayed in the endorsement schedule. Yet another advanced applies when this endorsement is affixed. See additionally Drive other automobile endorsement.