What does bro parking mean?

bro parking meaning in Urban Dictionary

-nounThe part of a parking area, usually to the back of this lot, in which all the bro vehicles park. The automobiles are generally parked with at the very least 1 empty area between automobiles, for each side. The idea of bro parking is always to park your "extreme trip" as far off their cars possible. It is allegedly done for almost any wide range of bro reasons:1) to attract focus on your bro truck and show it off.2) to avoid 'door hits' from other cars, or hits from buying carts.3) because your bro vehicle is just too lengthy to park in a typical area.4) since your bro truck is just too large to park in a standard space.5) since you need room for the ladder it takes to get involved with your bro truck.6) as you require room for whatever absurd thing you are towing.Bro Parking is usually littered with waste, as bros would prefer to pollute than continue garbage within their precious automobile until these are typically near a trash can.Bro Parking is normally present in areas like Inland Empire, in Southern Ca.See also: bro playground (verb) for further information.