What does brittleness mean?

brittleness meaning in General Dictionary

Aptness to split fragility

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  • firm but quickly damaged
  • Aptness to split; fragility.

brittleness meaning in Law Dictionary

product is brittle if, when subjected to worry, it breaks without considerable deformation (stress). Brittle materials absorb relatively small energy ahead of break, also those of large energy.

brittleness meaning in Business Dictionary

Tendency of a product to break or fail upon the use of a comparatively little bit of power, influence, or surprise. Opposite of toughness.

brittleness meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Aptness to break; fragility.

Sentence Examples with the word brittleness

Chiefly owing to the brittleness of this material, Lord Rosse's first larger specula were composed of a number of thin plates of speculum metal (sixteen for a 3-foot mirror) soldered on the back of a strong but light framework made of a peculiar kind of brass (2.75 of copper to 1 of zinc), which has the same expansion as his speculum metal.

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