What does brittle mean?

brittle meaning in General Dictionary

Easily broken likely to break fragile perhaps not difficult or tenacious

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  • lacking heat and generosity of character
  • (of material or glass) maybe not annealed and consequently quickly cracked or fractured
  • having little elasticity; hence quickly cracked or fractured or snapped
  • caramelized sugar cooled in slim sheets
  • Effortlessly broken; apt to break; delicate; perhaps not difficult or tenacious.

brittle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., britel, possibly from an unrecorded Old English adjective *brytel, pertaining to brytan "to break, lb, to break to pieces," from Proto-Germanic stem *brutila- "brittle," from *breutan "to-break up" (cognates: Old Norse brjota "to break," Old large German brodi "fragile"), from PIE *bhreu- "to cut, break up" (see bruise (v.)). With -le, suffix creating adjectives with meaning "liable to."

brittle meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Effortlessly broken; more likely to break; fragile; maybe not difficult or tenacious.

Sentence Examples with the word brittle

Dryophilus has sometimes been gathered in mistake for the champignon, but this too grows in woods where the champignon never grows; it has a hollow instead of a solid stem, gills crowded together instead of far apart, and flesh very tender and brittle instead of tough.

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