What does brioche mean?

brioche meaning in General Dictionary

A light sweet pastry cake bun or roll created using flour butter yeast and eggs

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  • a light roll rich with eggs and butter and significantly sweet

brioche meaning in Etymology Dictionary

enriched form of French bread, 1824, from French brioche (15c.), from brier "to knead the dough," Norman as a type of broyer "to grind, lb," from West Germanic *brekan "to-break" (see break (v.)).

brioche meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Yeast-leavened sponge bread.

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  • [French] a sizable light, really rich, yeast roll made with countless butter-and-eggs. Brioche is baked in several forms although the brioche age tete is most beneficial understood. The bread can be flavored with nuts or candied good fresh fruit, as well as herbs and spices. It might also be used to put meals like coulibiac. Cuts of toasted brioche are the perfect companion to foie gras and gravlax. Brioche is extremely just like the Jewish Challah.

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brioche [sweet bun]