What does brindle mean?

brindle meaning in General Dictionary


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  • their state of being brindled
  • having a grey or brown streak or a pattern or a patchy color; used specifically associated with patterned fur of cats
  • their state to be brindled.
  • A brindled shade; in addition, what is brindled.
  • Brindled.

brindle meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s; see brindled.

brindle meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A type of pet who has a kind of tawny or brown coating, typically streaked or spotted.

brindle meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Hawaii of being brindled.

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  • (n.) A brindled color; also, whatever is brindled.
  • (a.) Brindled.

Sentence Examples with the word brindle

Fawn and brindle are the colours preferred.

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