What does brimstone mean?

brimstone meaning in General Dictionary

made from or with respect to brimstone as brimstone matches

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  • Sulphur See Sulphur
  • an old name for sulfur
  • Sulphur; See Sulphur.
  • manufactured from, or regarding, brimstone; as, brimstone matches.

brimstone meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English brynstan, from brin- stem of brinnen "burning" (see burn (v.)) + stan (see rock (n.)). In Middle English 1st factor in addition recorded as brem-, brom-, brum-, bren-, brin-, bron-, brun-, bern-, born-, burn-, burned-, and burnt-. Previously "the mineral sulfur," today limited to biblical use. The Lord reynede vpon Sodom and Gomor brenstoon and fier. [Wycliff's rendition (1382) of Gen. xix:24] The Old Norse cognate ingredient brennusteinn meant "amber," as does German Bernstein.

brimstone meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) manufactured from, or related to, brimstone; as, brimstone matches.

Sentence Examples with the word brimstone

A cheap cement, sometimes employed to fix iron rails in stone-work, is melted brimstone, or brimstone and brick-dust.

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