What does brilliance mean?

brilliance meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1755, from brilliant + -ance. Figurative good sense (of wit, cleverness, etc.) is from 1779. Distinguished from brilliancy in that the latter often is placed on things quantifiable in degrees.

brilliance meaning in General Dictionary

strange psychological capability

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  • the standard of becoming magnificent or splendid or grand
  • a light in the field of sight that's brighter versus brightness to which the eyes tend to be adapted

Sentence Examples with the word brilliance

For the rest, Spencer's doctrine is valuable more as stimulating to thought by its originality and width of view than as offering direct solutions of ethical problems. Following up the same line of thought, Leslie Stephen with less brilliance but more attention to scientific method has worked out in his Science of Ethics (1882) the conception of morality as a function of the social organism: while Professor S.

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