What does brillant brillant mean?

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becoming inexperienced, having a grossly filled feeling of an individual's competence, and perhaps becoming lazy too, using result being a tremendously bad (or non-working) design or implementation. Often used in combination aided by the name "Paula". Originates from a post in the day-to-day WTF (an online forum speaking about examples of bad programming methods) where a lazy programmer known as Paula had coded precisely five lines of Java for an important task in many months together with managed to bullshit her way through regular meetings regarding her progress. Among lines ended up being:private String paula = "Brillant";whose absolute elementariness, inappropriateness in manufacturing signal, narcissism and self-inflation, with a weird spelling for "Brillant" along with the rest, had been considered memorable. To not be confused with brilliant.Adjective, suggesting an amazing not enough skill coupled with an incredible blindness to aforementioned not enough skill.