What does brill mean?

brill meaning in General Dictionary

a fish allied into the turbot Rhombus levis much esteemed in England for meals labeled as in addition bret pearl prill See Bret

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  • European meals seafood
  • A fish allied to the turbot (Rhombus levis), a great deal esteemed in The united kingdomt for food; -- labeled as also bret, pearl, prill. See Bret.

brill meaning in Etymology Dictionary

type of level fish, late 15c., of unidentified beginning.

Sentence Examples with the word brill

The more important - that for the south quarter - consisted of ten members, (1) the senior member of the nobility, who sat for life, (2) representatives (for periods of three years) of the eight towns: Dordrecht, Haarlem, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam, Gouda, Rotterdam and Gorinchem, with a tenth member (usually elected biennially) for the towns of Schiedam, Schoonhoven and Brill conjointly.

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