What does brig mean?

brig meaning in General Dictionary

On an United-states-man of war the prison or host to confinement for offenders

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  • A bridge
  • A two masted square rigged vessel
  • two-masted cruising vessel square-rigged on both masts
  • a penal establishment (especially onboard a ship)
  • A bridge.
  • A two-masted, square-rigged vessel.

brig meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"two-masted square-rigged vessel," 1720, colloquial shortening of brigantine (q.v.). Apparently such vessels being used for prison boats upon your retirement from active responsibility led to extended definition "a jail," initially recorded 1852.

brig meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A bridge.

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  • (letter.) A two-masted, square-rigged vessel.

Sentence Examples with the word brig

The New Brig was built in 1788, mainly owing to the efforts of Provost Ballantyne.

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