What does brief mean?

brief meaning in General Dictionary

to help make an abstract or abridgment of to shorten concerning brief pleadings

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  • a quick brief writing or letter a statement in few terms
  • fleetingly
  • Short in timeframe
  • of short timeframe or length
  • (of clothing) very short
  • brief and succinct
  • give crucial information to some one
  • a document stating the important points and things of legislation of a client's instance
  • a condensed written summary or abstract
  • Short in extent.
  • Concise; terse; succinct.
  • Rife; typical; widespread.
  • quickly.
  • Soon; rapidly.
  • a brief brief writing or page; a statement in few words.
  • An epitome.
  • An abridgment or concise declaration of litigant's case, made out for training of advice in an endeavor at law. This term is applied and also to a statement regarding the minds or points of a law debate.
  • A writ; a breve. See Breve, n., 2.
  • A writ providing through the chancery, directed to virtually any judge ordinary, commanding and authorizing that judge to phone a jury to inquire to the instance, and upon their particular verdict to pronounce sentence.
  • A letter patent, from correct authority, authorizing a collection or non-profit contribution of income in churches, regarding community or personal purpose.
  • to create an abstract or abridgment of; to reduce; because, to brief pleadings.

brief meaning in Legal Dictionary

1) n. a written legal argument, often in a structure prescribed by the courts, saying the appropriate reasons behind the suit according to statutes, regulations, instance precedents, legal texts, and reasoning applied to details inside specific circumstance. A quick is posted to formulate the argument for various petitions and movements ahead of the judge (sometimes known as "points and authorities"), to counter the arguments of opposing lawyers, also to supply the judge or judges with reasons why you should rule in support of the celebration represented by the brief journalist. Sporadically on minor or follow-up legal issues, the judge will specify that a letter or memorandum brief are going to be adequate. On appeals and particular various other significant arguments, the quick is bound with color-coded covers stipulated in state and/or federal courtroom principles. Ironically, although the term had been initially intended to indicate a short or summary debate (faster than an oral presentation), appropriate briefs are very usually infamously long. 2) v. in summary a precedent situation or construct in writing a legal argument. Attentive legislation pupils "brief" each instance inside their casebooks, therefore removing the guideline of legislation, the thinking (rationale), the fundamental realities, in addition to outcome. 3) v. to offer a directory of important info to a different individual.

brief meaning in Law Dictionary

overall. A written document; a letter; a writing in the form of a letter. An overview, abstract, or epitome. A condensed statement of some bigger document, or of some papers, details, or propositions. An epitome or condensed summary of facts and situations, or propositions of law, constituting the way it is recommended become arranged by either celebration to an action planning to be attempted or argued. In English training. A document made by the attorney, and directed at the barrister, prior to the test of an underlying cause, the instruction and assistance of this latter. It includes, as a whole, everything required to allow the barrister to successfully carry out their particular client’s instance in courtroom, such a statement associated with details, a listing of the pleadings, the names regarding the witnesses, and an outline for the evidence anticipated from their website, and any suggestions arising out from the peculiarities of the situation. In US rehearse. A written or imprinted document, served by counsel to serve as the basis for a disagreement upon an underlying cause in an appellate courtroom, and in most cases filed for the information for the court. It symbolizes the things of law which the advice really wants to establish, alongside the arguments and authorities upon which he rests his assertion. A short, within a rule of court calling for advice to provide briefs, before argument, suggests some sort of declaration for the situation for the information of the court. Gardner v. Stover, 43 Ind. 356. In Scotch law. Brief is used within the feeling of “writ,” which appears to be the good sense where word is used in very many of the old authors. In ecclesiastical legislation. A papal rescript sealed with wax. See BOLL.

brief meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 13c., from Latin brevis (adj.) "brief, low, little, superficial," from PIE *mregh-wi-, from root *mregh-u- "short" (cognates: Greek brakhys "brief," Old Church Slavonic bruzeja "low locations, shoals," Gothic gamaurgjan "to shorten").

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  • from Latin breve (genitive brevis), noun by-product of adjective brevis (see brief (adj.)) which stumbled on indicate "letter, summary," especially a letter of this pope (less ample and solemn than a bull), and therefore found mean "letter of authority," which yielded the current, legal sense of "summary regarding the details of an incident" (1630s).
  • "to offer instructions or information to," 1866; initially "to teach by a brief" (1862), from brief (n.). Related: Briefed; briefing.

brief meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Summary of details, findings, and goals, ready to give its reader a fast, total view of a study, plan, circumstance, etc. 2. Written statement posted to a judge by each one of the opposing events, setting forth facts, rules, and precedents meant for their particular particular cases.

brief - German to English

offer [offer price]

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  • page from The united states
  • boiler plate page
  • communication
  • Letter of Jeremiah
  • Epistle / Book of Jude
  • epistle [formal or hum.] [letter]
  • letter for you
  • letter
  • letter containing a cheque [Br.]
  • page enclosing a cheque [Br.]
  • money letter
  • page from him
  • epistle

brief meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Quick in length.

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  • (a.) Concise; terse; succinct.
  • (a.) Rife; common; widespread.
  • (adv.) Briefly.
  • (adv.) Quickly; quickly.
  • (a.) A brief succinct writing or letter; a statement in few words.
  • (a.) An epitome.
  • (a.) An abridgment or concise statement of litigant's case, made completely the training of advice in an effort at legislation. This word is applied and to a statement of the heads or points of a law argument.
  • (n.) A writ issuing from the chancery, directed to any judge ordinary, commanding and authorizing that judge to phone a jury to inquire into the situation, and upon their verdict to pronounce phrase.
  • (n.) A letter patent, from appropriate authority, authorizing a group or non-profit contribution of money in churches, for general public or exclusive purpose.
  • (v. t.) To create an abstract or abridgment of; to shorten; since, to brief pleadings.

Sentence Examples with the word brief

Starting from a brief standing sleep, I was horribly conscious of something fatally wrong.

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