What does bridge loan mean?

bridge loan meaning in Law Dictionary

temporary LOAN awarded by a BANK to a corporate or sovereign borrower, typically meant to be replaced by longerterm or permanent financing from the CAPITAL MARKETS. Bridge loans can be guaranteed or unsecured and usually have maturities of under one year. Also referred to as SWING LOAN.

bridge loan meaning in Business Dictionary

Short-term (usually anyone to 90 days) loan advanced level to cover the time involving the termination of 1 loan while the start of another. It's organized usually to accomplish a purchase (particularly an innovative new household) prior to the debtor receives repayment from a sale (for the old home), or before a long-term loan is manufactured readily available upon fulfillment of its demands (particularly commissioning of a facility or a plant). Also called connection finance, bridging loan, or space funding.

bridge loan meaning in Loan Terminology Glossary

 a short-term loan, often not as much as 12 months, provided to a borrower whenever web arises from a-sale of a prior residence are not available for the acquisition of an innovative new home. It is intended that a bridge loan would be paid off utilizing the web proceeds from the prior residence's sale.