What does bridegroom mean?

bridegroom meaning in General Dictionary

A man newly married or perhaps planning to be hitched

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  • a man who may have recently been married
  • a man participant in his very own wedding service
  • a guy recently hitched, or simply planning to be married.

bridegroom meaning in Urban Dictionary

A man on his wedding.A man during, or right before or after his wedding.The male version of bride.

bridegroom meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English brydguma "suitor," from bryd "bride" (identify bride) + guma "man" (origin in addition of Old Norse gumi, Old tall German gomo, cognate with Latin homo "man;" see homunculus). Ending modified 16c. by folk etymology after groom (n.) "groom, child, lad" (q.v.). Common Germanic compound (compare Old Saxon brudigumo, Old Norse bru

bridegroom meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A man newly hitched, or just about to be married.

Sentence Examples with the word bridegroom

Here a number of relatives and friends are collected at the door to receive the bridegroom with due honour.

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