What does brick busker mean?

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Street performer just who makes use of bricks for feats of dexterity. see busker.Quick-thinking thief or con man.Reply artist, excuse artist.Someone who can rapidly react to any scenario or accusation with a suitable reaction concerning eliminate or postpone the appearance of wrongdoing - including such tactics as acting stupid, using humor, reciprocating the accusation, making without response, as well as acting deaf. The "brick busker" will take into account the persons included, what was said, the way it absolutely was stated, and who and what exactly are around - possibly even on a subconscious degree. Calling some body a "brick busker" is generally fulfilled with confusion or misinterpretation. Having a silver tongue or efficient denial when trying to escape guilt or pity.Most individuals have some qualities, or a simple level, of a "brick busker"a phrase that communicates even more anxiety than anything else. Most people are truthful, rather than stone buskers.Antonym: brick buster, or somebody who informs the truth and goes directly at any scenario.