What does bribery mean?

bribery meaning in General Dictionary

Robbery extortion

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  • the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage
  • Robbery; extortion.
  • The act or rehearse of giving or using bribes; the work of affecting the state or political activity of some other by corrupt inducements.

bribery meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the criminal activity of providing or taking money or some other valuable product to affect a public authoritative (any governmental staff member) within the overall performance of his/her responsibilities. Bribery includes paying to get government contracts (cutting inside roadways commissioner for a secret portion for the profit), providing a bottle of alcohol to a building inspector to disregard a violation or grant a permit, or selling stock to a Congressman at a cut-rate cost. Example: Governor (later Vice President) Spiro T. Agnew obtained five dollars from concessionaire for every single pack of cigarettes offered into the Maryland capitol building. This is has been expanded to include bribes fond of business officials to get agreements or other advantages which are against company policy.

bribery meaning in Law Dictionary

In unlawful law. The receiving or providing any excessive reward by or to anybody whomsoever, whose ordinary profession or business pertains to the administration of general public justice, to be able to influence his behavior, and also to incline him to do something contrary to his duty and the understood principles of sincerity and stability. Hall v. Marshall, 80 Ky. 552; Walsh v. folks, 05 111. 05, 16 Am. Rep. 509; Com. v. Murray, 135 Mass. 530; Hutchinson v. State, 36 Tex. 294. The word “bribery” today runs more, and includes the offense of offering a bribe to numerous various other classes of officials; it is applicable both into the actor and receiver, and also includes voters, closet ministers, legislators, sheriffs, alongside classes. 2 Whart. Crim. Law,,

bribery meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "theft, burglary, swindling, pilfering;" see bribe (n.) + -ery. Especially of magistrates using money for corrupted services from mid-16c.; feeling of "offering of a bribe" is from 1560s.

bribery meaning in Business Dictionary

The work of taking or obtaining some thing with the objective of affecting the recipient one way or another positive towards celebration providing the bribe. Bribery is usually considered unlawful and may be punishable by jail time or stiff fines if authorities check out the bribe.

bribery meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Robbery; extortion.

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  • (n.) The work or practice of providing or using bribes; the work of affecting the state or political action of another by corrupt inducements.

Sentence Examples with the word bribery

Failure on the part of a parliamentary candidate or his election agent to comply with the requirements of the law in any particular is sufficient to invalidate the return (see the articles Bribery and Corrupt Practices).

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