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Adj - Robust; full-flavored; significant. "The Brenaldo"a person who rules everybody 1. a lovely little man who really loves cupcakes <32. enjoys being stalked by two truly beautiful women.3. really bouncy Men with this particular name are rare also their character. Once you satisfy a "Bren", you will need to socialize with him and you'll be astonished by what understanding he got in store. Although he could be not an excellent critical thinker like in math regardless of just how hard he attempts, he knows perfectly about the details in life. He's extremely type, loves their household as heis the eldest within his siblings, is able to listen, loves to read books, plays basketball or video games (but no addiction, only for fun), he desires traveling someday in European countries, thinking of the deep blue ocean scares him knowing how constantly deep its, really loves his puppy Moria, has a crush on Emily Blunt, likes songs that produces you tired like "puff the magic dragon", does not appear to be a loser when he's alone, raps, plays guitar (i believe?), likes skittles.