What does bremsir mean?

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(brem'sir)(adj.)any bit of information that, within any context, is rendered useless, unncessary, irrational, inconsequential, and/or fucking retarded; (v.)to completely perturb a person to the level of suicide, while simeltaneously being obese/ to render yourself ineffective to all those near you; (letter.)a unusual elite humanoid spawn through the MMORPG warcraft, Bremser-gor can be found in any world instance it is non-hostile, while he is just too busy being ineffective toward rest of mankind and eating Skippy- two nuetral quests involving the character consist of trying to find his lost lecture notes and also to help him find their phallous/ whenever having intimate intercouse, an act that when the male partner instantly becomes disinterested when you look at the feminine partner and decides to eat instead/ a theatrical or cinematic production that intends to be a profound social breakthrough it is alternatively a bit of shit/ somebody who is utterly useless and absurd