What does breeder mean?

breeder meaning in General Dictionary

a person who or that which breeds produces raises etc

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  • an individual who breeds pets
  • one that, or what, breeds, produces, brings up, etc.
  • a reason.

breeder meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "one which creates or originates," agent noun from type (v.). Meaning "one who breeds cattle" or some other animal is taped from 1530s. Of nuclear reactors, from 1948. As a scornful homosexual term for "heterosexual person," attested from 1986.

breeder meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A person who, or that which, types, creates, introduces, etc.

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  • (n.) A reason.

Sentence Examples with the word breeder

All the well-known breeds of dogs are highly artificial and their maintenance requires the constant care of the breeder in mating, and in rejecting aberrant progeny.

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