What does breeches mean?

breeches meaning in General Dictionary

an apparel donned by males covering the sides and thighs smallclothes

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  • (used into the plural) pants ending over the leg
  • A garment worn by males, within the sides and legs; smallclothes.
  • pants; pantaloons.

breeches meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, a double plural, from Old English brec "breeches," which already ended up being plural of broc "garment for the legs and trunk," from Proto-Germanic *brokiz (cognates: Old Norse brok, Dutch broek, Danish brog, Old tall German bruoh, German Bruch, outdated since 18c. except in Swiss dialect), maybe from PIE root *bhreg- (see break (v.)). The Proto-Germanic word is a parallel form to Celtic *bracca, supply (via Gaulish) of Latin braca (aource of French braies), plus some propose that the Germanic word group is borrowed from Gallo-Latin, other people that the Celtic ended up being from Germanic. Broadened sense of "part of this body covered by breeches, posterior" resulted in senses in childbirthing (1670s) and gunnery ("the element of a firearm behind the bore," 1570s). As the preferred term for "pants" in English, displaced in U.S. c.1840 by jeans. The Breeches Bible (Geneva Bible of 1560) so called on account of rendition of Gen. iii:7 (currently in Wyclif) "They sewed figge leaues collectively, making themselues breeches."

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breeches meaning in General Dictionary

(n. pl.) A garment donned by guys, since the sides and thighs; smallclothes.

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  • (n. pl.) Trousers; pantaloons.

Sentence Examples with the word breeches

Yes, it was a woman's shape, her body clad in dark breeches and boots, her sleeveless tunic held in place beneath a leather belt.

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