What does breathless cries mean?

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the stage where you're cries and sobs have actually accumulated inside you for such a long time; it really is whatever you hear in most cases, all you hear are your constant sobs and cries for help therefore cry much more because no-one listens; they are oblivious.Those cries that you let-out, be seemingly therefore regular to you personally now. You cry so constantly, that it isn't everything new.Now, those continual cries aren't anything. You have heard your self cry for those several times you don't want to hear yourself. You didn't would you like to hear your weakness collide into despair and desperation for love and from reduction and from anything to everything to nothing to something.You weep now, and it's absolutely nothing, because you can hear your self cry, but simultaneously, you can't; they may be breathless cries; cries which can be truth be told there and you appear to hear but they are fed up with hearing.