What does breather mean?

breather meaning in General Dictionary

One who breathes

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  • a quick respite
  • air passage supplied by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipelines; licenses a submarine to keep submerged for extended intervals
  • person who breathes. For this reason: (a) person who life.(b) A person who utters. (c) One who animates or inspires.
  • what leaves one exhausted, as violent exercise.

breather meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "an income animal, a person who breathes," agent noun from breathe. Indicating "enchantment of workout to stimulate breathing" is from 1836; that of "a rest to recoup breath" is from 1901.

breather meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One that breathes. Therefore: (a) person who life.(b) Person who utters. (c) one that animates or inspires.

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  • (letter.) That which places one breathless, as violent workout.

Sentence Examples with the word breather

I've been taking a breather from that life.

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