What does breakup mean?

breakup meaning in General Dictionary

Disruption coming aside a separation and dispersion of this parts or people as some slack up of a meeting set up or dinner party the separation of a spacecraft on re-entry into the environment

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  • coming aside
  • the cancellation or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or countries)

breakup meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also break-up, 1795, from verbal appearance break-up (mid-15c.), that was utilized originally of plowland, later of teams, assemblies, etc. Of things (in addition of marriages, relationships), "to disintegrate," from mid-18c. See break (v.) + up (adv.). Break it as a command to quit a fight, etc., is recorded from 1936.

Sentence Examples with the word breakup

Outside the Church the breakup of old civilizations, the confused beginnings of medieval kingdoms, with the attendant war and rapine, the inroads of the Saracens and the rise of Islam, were all effective silencers of the pulpit.

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