What does breakfast mean?

breakfast meaning in General Dictionary

To furnish with morning meal

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  • to split people quickly each morning also eat 1st dinner within the day
  • 1st meal into the day or what is consumed during the very first meal
  • give breakfast for
  • eat an early break fast
  • initial meal for the time (usually each day)
  • the very first dinner inside time, or that which is consumed at first dinner.
  • A meal after fasting, or meals generally.
  • to-break a person's quickly each day; also eat the first dinner into the time.
  • To provide with breakfast.

breakfast meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., from break (v.) + fast (n.). A classic English term because of it was undernmete (see undern), in addition morgenmete "morning dinner.". The verb is recorded from 1670s. Relevant: Breakfasted; breakfasting. Spanish almuerzo "lunch," but previously whilst still being in your area "breakfast," is from Latin admorsus, previous participle of admordere "to bite into," from ad- "to" + mordere "to bite." In keeping with almuerzo, terms for "breakfast" have a tendency in the long run to shift in definition toward "lunch;" compare French d

breakfast meaning in Cooking Dictionary

(n.) The initial meal for the time

breakfast meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The initial meal when you look at the day, or what is eaten within first dinner.

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  • (letter.) Dinner after fasting, or food generally.
  • (v. i.) To break one's fast in the morning; also consume the very first meal into the day.
  • (v. t.) To furnish with morning meal.

Sentence Examples with the word breakfast

He pushed away his breakfast dishes and stared out the patio doors at the low hanging clouds.

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