What does breakdown mean?

breakdown meaning in General Dictionary

The work or consequence of deteriorating by a carriage downfall

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  • a mental or physical breakdown
  • (biology) the entire process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal activity
  • a cessation of normal procedure
  • the work of disrupting a recognised purchase so that it fails to continue
  • an analysis into mutually unique categories
  • The work or result of wearing down, since a carriage; downfall.
  • A noisy, rapid, shuffling party engaged in competitively by numerous individuals or sets in succession, as on the list of colored folks of the south US, and thus known as, possibly, because the exercise is proceeded until almost all of those who be a part of it break down.
  • Any rude, loud party carried out by shuffling your toes, often by one person at any given time.

breakdown meaning in Law Dictionary

failure of a relationship or of communication or a collapse of something of authority as a result of extensive transgression regarding the guidelines.

breakdown meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"a collapse," 1832, from break (v.) + down (adv.). The verbal phrase is attested from late 14c. The noun, specifically of equipment, is from 1838; indicating "an analysis thoroughly" is from 1936. Stressed description is from 1905.

breakdown meaning in Sports Dictionary

A wrestler brings their particular opponent for their part or tummy by detatching their particular hand and/or leg assistance. (sport: Wrestling)

breakdown meaning in Business Dictionary

Orderly set of products or amounts, in accordance with their groups, classes, amounts, etc., to facilitate their analysis.

breakdown meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work or outcome of wearing down, by a carriage; downfall.

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  • (n.) A noisy, quick, shuffling party involved with competitively by numerous persons or sets in succession, as on the list of coloured people of the Southern US, therefore called, perhaps, because the workout is continued until the majority of people who be a part of it break up.
  • (letter.) Any rude, noisy party done by shuffling the feet, generally by one individual at the same time.

Sentence Examples with the word breakdown

The distress among all classes continued to be appalling; and in March the attempt of the Directory to replace theassignats by a new issue of mandats created fresh dissatisfaction after the breakdown of the hopes first raised.

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