What does breakage mean?

breakage meaning in General Dictionary

The work of breaking some slack a breaking also articles damaged

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  • the quantity damaged
  • reimbursement for products damaged during transportation or perhaps in use
  • the work of breaking anything
  • The act of busting; a rest; a breaking; in addition, articles broken.
  • An allowance or compensation for things damaged accidentally, as in transportation or use.

breakage meaning in Law Dictionary

The action of breaking anything or a thing that has-been broken.

breakage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1813, "activity of busting," from break (v.) + -age. Indicating "loss or damage done by breaking" is from 1848.

breakage meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Fixed amount or percentage a provider allows a client to deduct from a charge to compensate for items broken during transit. For perishable items, this quantity is named spoilage. 2. Premature payment of a loan that pulls a penalty.

breakage meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The work of busting; a break; a breaking; also, articles damaged.

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  • (letter.) An allowance or compensation for things broken unintentionally, as in transport or use.

Sentence Examples with the word breakage

There is ample equipment of fixed and movable staiths and cranes of various sizes up to 70 tons, the Lewis-Hunter patent cranes being largely used for shipping coal owing to their minimizing the breakage of coal and securing its even distribution.

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