What does break up mean?

break up meaning in General Dictionary

discontinue a link or relation; go other ways

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  • resulting in to separate your lives and enter various instructions
  • break
  • sustain a stressed breakdown
  • take apart into its constituent pieces
  • break violently or noisily; smash
  • ruin the completeness of a set of related products
  • set or hold apart
  • attack with or as though with a pickaxe of ice or rocky surface, including
  • launch ice
  • make some slack in
  • near at the end of a session
  • cause going into a remedy
  • bring the organization of to an end or cause to split up
  • visited a finish
  • cause to split up
  • break or cause to break into pieces
  • laugh unrestrainedly
  • separate (substances) into constituent elements or components

Sentence Examples with the word break up

Here the contents of certain cells break up endogenously into a great number of spores, which are distributed as a fine dust.

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