What does break in mean?

break in meaning in General Dictionary

an act of trespassing into a closed construction such as for instance a house or host to busineess for an unlawful purpose generally as an element of a burglary

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  • enter another person's (virtual or real) home in an unauthorized way, frequently utilizing the intent to steal or devote a violent act
  • intrude on uninvited
  • break into a discussion
  • start in a particular activity, enterprise, or part
  • make submissive, acquiescent, or of use
  • break to be able to fall inward

Sentence Examples with the word break in

The river enlarged the canal, and finding a steeper gradient than that to its mouth, was diverted into the Colorado desert, flooding Salton Sea; 1 and when the break in this river was closed for the second time in February 1907, though much of its water still escaped through minor channels and by seepage, a lake more than 400 sq.

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