What does break down mean?

break down meaning in General Dictionary

break apart

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  • lose control of one's thoughts
  • make ineffective
  • cause to fall or collapse
  • separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts
  • stop operating or functioning
  • make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of; breakdown into components or crucial functions
  • failure considering weakness, a sickness, or a-sudden assault

Sentence Examples with the word break down

If twelve grammes of amorphous carbon be burnt to carbon dioxide under constant volume, the heat evolved (96.96 cal.) does not measure the entire thermal effect, but the difference between this and the heat required to break down the carbon molecule into atoms. If the number of atoms in the carbon molecule be denoted by n, and the heat required to split off each atom from the molecule by d, then the total heat required to break down a carbon molecule completely into atoms is nd.

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