What does break dancing mean?

break dancing meaning in General Dictionary

a kind of solamente dancing where the dancer works sophisticated footwork pantomime and differing acrobatic movements particularly spinning head stands or rotating regarding as well as generally containing much improvization it absolutely was initially done by male teenagers inside 1970s in little informal groups in the streets and it is usually performed towards the accompaniment of rap music or any other stone songs with a rapid powerful beat

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  • a type of solo dance that requires rapid acrobatic techniques for which different parts of the human body touch the bottom; ordinarily done into rhythm of rap songs

break dancing meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1982, nevertheless the style itself evolved late 1970s in South Bronx. The guide is always to the rhythmic break in a pop-dance song (see break (letter.)), which the DJs isolated as well as the dancers performed to. Breakdown "a riotous party, within the type of the negroes" is taped from 1864.