What does breach of warranty mean?

breach of warranty meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. determination that a statement on title of home, including real residential property or any products, is became untrue, whether intended as a falsehood or not. Additionally affect an assurance of top-notch a product or product offered. The party making the warranty is liable into the party to who the guarantee ended up being made. In modern law the guarantee needn't be expressed in many words, but can be implied through the circumstances or surrounding language at the time of purchase.

breach of warranty meaning in Law Dictionary

In real home law therefore the legislation of insurance coverage. The failure or falsehood of an affirmative guarantee or declaration, or even the nonperformance of an executory stipulation. Hendricks v. Insurance Co., 8 Johns. (X. Y.) 13; Fitzgerald v. Ben. Ass'n, 39 App. Div. 251, 56 N. Y. Supp. 1005; Stewart v. Drake, 9 N. J. Law. 139.

breach of warranty meaning in Business Dictionary

Violation of an agreement between a seller and a buyer regarding condition, content, quality, or subject of the item marketed.

breach of warranty meaning in General Dictionary

a breach that occurs when a product is lacking in line with the regards to a warranty